jQuery 1.7.2 Beta 1 sort des labos

Plus de 2 mois après la sortie de la version 1.7.1, l’équipe de développement de jQuery propose une version bêta de la 1.7.2 depuis cette nuit (heure française).

Vous pouvez l’obtenir ici. A noter que l’équipe ne recommande pas l’utilisation en production « les yeux fermés » mais encourage les utilisateurs à tester leurs scripts et à faire leurs feedbacks sur d’éventuels comportements inattendus.



  • #10978: jQuery.param() should allow non-native constructed objects as property values


  • #5571: Allow chaining when passing undefined to any setter in jQuery


  • #10692: Configure the jshint options to more accurately match the style guide
  • #10902: ability to test a built version of jQuery in unit tests
  • #10931: Unit tests shouldn’t require internet access


  • #10466: jQuery.param() mistakes wrapped primitives for deep objects


  • #10639: outerWidth(true) and css(‘margin’) returning % instead of px in Webkit
  • #10754: have jQuery.swap return the return of the callback instead of just executing it
  • #10782: Incorrect calculating width
  • #10796: Bug in IE7 with $(‘#el’).css.(‘background-position’)
  • #10858: css.js regular expressions are incomplete
  • #11119: The curCSS function only need 2 arguments


  • #8498: Animate Hooks
  • #10006: method show is not working as expected in all browsers when called for document fragment
  • #10848: Animation toggling loses state tracking in certain atomic edge cases


  • #8165: .live(‘click’, handler) fires on disabled buttons with child elements in Chrome
  • #10819: Eliminate “this.on.call(this, “
  • #10878: $(“select”).live(“change”, function(){ …broken in IE8 in jQuery 1.7
  • #10961: Error in XRegExp using jQuery 1.7.1 in IE6-9
  • #10970: The .on() selector parameter doesn’t work with :not(:first) selector
  • #10984: Cannot off() custom events ($.event.special)
  • #11021: Hover hack mangles a namespace named “hover”
  • #11076: .clone(true) loses delegation filters
  • #11130: jQuery.fn.on: binding map with null selector ignores data
  • #11145: $(document).on() not working with name=”disabled”


  • #9427: Passing undefined to .text() does not trigger setter
  • #10753: inline the evalScript function in manipulation.js as it’s only used once
  • #10864: text() method on a document fragment always returns the empty string
  • #11055: Update HTML5 Shim elements list to support latest html5shiv


  • #10952: .fired() doesn’t work on Callbacks object when it is flagged with “once”
  • #11257: Wrong path to source files in test suite if PHP missing


  • #11048: Support Tests affect layout for positioned elements in IE6-9

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